Wire Your Entire Home

Wire Your Entire Home

Multiple room audio installation services in East Haven, Milford, Fairfield, Branford, Norwalk, & New Haven, CT

Are you looking for someone who can install a fully integrated system across every room in your home? Multi-room audio gives you the ability to listen to music or other audio entertainment in every room in your house at the same time. The audio and video specialists at Wired 4 Entertainment have the skill and expertise you can depend on for multi-room audio installation.

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Find the right multi-room system for you

The experts at Wired 4 Entertainment are prepared to answer your questions about how a multi-room audio system works. Additionally, we'll help you find the right system to meet your needs. We are authorized re-sellers and direct partners with Sonos, Anthem and Paradigm. We proudly work with many other manufacturers!

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Find the Right Speaker for Any Room

Sonos lets you stream music from your WiFi network instead of your phone, without interruptions from calls, texts or push notifications. Play different tunes in different rooms at the same time. Or share one song, in perfect sync, all through the house. There are many options and features you can explore if you're interested in multiple room audio!